Tiba Al-KhalidyI have lived and lead an extraordinary life.

I was born in Iraq, and spent most of my childhood and teen years full of fear and uncertainty about what tomorrow would bring. Raised in a war and under a dictatorship, I fled the country and was granted another life in the UK. I still remember the distinct, remarkable moment when I was truly safe for the first time. It was a feeling unlike any other.

In my new life, I was able to pursue an education, and have an Honour Degree in Accountancy & Business Studies from Middlesex University in London. Additionally, I have a diploma in Legal Finance and Management, and later completed my Coaching Certification.

I love being a mother and it has proven the best adventure of my life as I look to encourage and support others in their own unique ways. I am blessed and proud to have raised two children and a dog. I love cooking, and find it to be a meditative practice for me, combining new flavors and techniques with the tastes of my once homeland. I love music, cycling, the theater and experiencing the world in all its depth.

I am just a normal human being who loves life, and longs to share that with others.