Focus Session2

Have you found yourself at a crossroad, without direction, and are looking for counsel? My Focus Sessions might be a perfect fit for you.

I like to think of Bespoke Coaching as the journey to uncover who you are, and what direction you are headed, whereas Focus Sessions excel in resetting the sails on a ship that is already out to sea. Each Focus Session is a four hour intensive program, where we spend time exploring your specific needs and develop distinctive practices to meet those goals. This can include:

  • Finding specific meditative practices to address stressful situations in your home or work.
  • Developing a financial strategy for your personal life, or for your business.
  • Creating a 6 month growth plan for your company, connecting you with resources to achieve these goals.
  • Learning practical, healthy coping strategies to deal with the chaos of the everyday.
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Each participant in these Focus Sessions will come away with a unique, focused plan for the topic of their choosing. Each session, regardless of length or commitment will still focus around finding Clarity, shifting your Mindset, developing a Strategy and pursuing Implementation. Focus sessions are not quite as expansive, but they can absolutely be the perfect time to dive into specific topics, with a focused intensity.

It would be my joy to support you in these smaller-scale steps to success. Practical and useful coaching can exist in a variety of contexts big and small, and often we do not realize the power that intensive, focused experiences can have on our long term success and wellbeing. On a practical note, Focus Sessions may be the perfect solution to a once-in-a-while check in, with a coach who can understand the context and history of you or your business. This is a great option for those looking for support, though not necessarily consistent guidance, step by step.