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As a business growth mentor my main objective is helping Entrepreneurs & the aspiring professionals be their very best, while creating paramount results in their Business and Personal life.

My bespoke Coaching program keeps you on the right path and works with your individual circumstances to make real changes happen. I work with entrepreneurs and professionals from all different industries, delivering expert support and advice ensuring you achieve
your aims. I unlock your potential so that you reach and exceed your goals.

Over the years I have seen my clients go on to do some truly remarkable things and I get great fulfilment seeing my clients reach their next level of success, making a valuable impact in their world.

I focus on four simple, smart principles, to support and uplift you on your way to achieve the results you want.

Clarity + Mindset + Strategy + Implementation

These four principles work together to build lasting structures and are vital tools towards a healthy and happy path.

We’ll dig deep – focusing on your life and business, identifying what is blocking your path to success. By having a crystal-clear image of where you are now, we can pinpoint what is ahead for you, and the steps you’ll need to get there.


Your mind is the key to your success. Not by willing things to change, but by accepting obstacles and learning to work with the tools you have been given. Often, I see clients who have big dreams and genuinely believe they do not have the keys to make those dreams a reality.


No successful journey began without a map, and that’s what we’ll put together during our time. Once we know who you are, and how you think, creating a success strategy is the next step towards implementation.


Now that we have a strategy, it’s time to make it live! We’ll work together to create an achievable, step-by-step action plan. You’ll have tools in place to keep you accountable, and to renew your motivation when challenges arise, as they ultimately will.

Success Stories
You will achieve the goals you set when working with Tiba, a true warrior and wise coach. Tiba is concise in the approach that will be used and takes no prisoners, an amazing person to work with and very helpful. This was my first one to one coaching experience and I have chosen well, very pleased.
Ian Walters

Director Imaintenance Services Limited