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Know Your Business Numbers Coaching Programme

Finance is the heart of your business, and without knowledge of the numbers you won’t be able to understand your cashflow, financial planning, budget, or financial statement. With this focused 4-session program you can see everything you need to make strategic moves. Perfect when it’s time to take your business to the next level.

  • With this 4 session program you will gain:
  • An intuitive approach to one of the most difficult aspects of business
  • Easy-to-follow coaching that allows you to turn your numbers into a unique growth tool
  • A proven approach to changing your business in a scalable and sustainable way
  • Confident and understanding regarding your business finances
This programme will focus on 4 key elements of your business:
  • 1. Bookkeeping
  • 2. Profit & Loss Account
  • 3. Balance Sheet
  • 4. Management Account

Freeing yourself from societal obligations can be so empowering.

Tiba Al-khalidy