I am here to support the freedom and success of others, drawing from my own life’s journey. Raised in an uncertain and fearful Iraq, I found a new life in the UK, and it became my mission to help others cultivate their own bright future. As a life and business coach, I focus on four simple, smart principles, to support and uplift my clients on their way to success.

Clarity + Mindset + Strategy + Implementation


We’ll dig deep – focusing on your life and business, identifying what is blocking your path to success. By having a crystal-clear image of where you are now, we can pinpoint what is ahead for you, and the steps you’ll need to get there.


Your mind is the key to your success. Not by willing things to change, but by accepting obstacles and learning to work with the tools you have been given. Often, I see clients who have big dreams and genuinely believe they do not have the keys to make those dreams a reality.


No successful journey began without a map, and that’s what we’ll put together during our time. Once we know who you are, and how you think, creating a success strategy is the next step towards implementation.


Now that we have a strategy, it’s time to make it live! We’ll work together to create an achievable, step-by-step action plan. You’ll have tools in place to keep you accountable, and to renew your motivation when challenges arise, as they ultimately will.

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Let me tell you a bit about myself. I help small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and turn dreams into reality. I have done this for myself and I will tell you how I did it. I was born in Iraq where I lived my childhood and teenager years full of fears, uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring for me. The country was in a war and under a dictatorship. I flew the war in Iraq, and I was granted another life in UK. It was remarkable moment when I felt safe and “there isn’t anything in life equal to that feeling”

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“With the new behaviours I’ve created I feel I’ve reached a new state of peak performance at work, while feeling more relaxed and carefree at home

“Tiba has been instrumental in turbo-boosting the agency’s business performance by improving our efficiencies up to 20% across our 5 divisions

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