Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

Business and Life Coaching?

I am one of the UK’s leading business and life coach specialising in “Holistic Life Transformation and Empowerment.” I focus on helping clients align their lives with their core values, build resilience, and enhance confidence, while achieving a balanced and fulfilled life. My approach is comprehensive, addressing various aspects of my clients’ lives to ensure a holistic transformation and personal growth.

I help my clients in achieving remarkable advancements in their business, career, personal lives, and mindset by refining their personal and professional strategies, tools, and practices, resulting in significant, long-lasting impacts.

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners globally, including in-person clients in London and Surrey, to enhance, expand, and elevate all aspects of their lives, from mindset to building resilience, confidence, and business strategy.

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs to help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. I support the client in creating and implementing a strategic plan, improving business operations, increasing profitability, and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

I work with individuals, helping them uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for personal growth. Together, we develop and implement a customised life strategy, focusing on enhancing overall well-being, achieving a balanced lifestyle, and reaching personal and professional goals.

To see the difference it makes, all you have to do is be inspired by the words of others:

“Respect and trust yourself.” - Matthew McConaughey

My approach

I’ve always believed that the potential to change my life lies deep down within me. It’s a powerful mindset that allowed me to get through a challenging childhood in Iraq, relocate to the UK, complete university, grow in my career, and never accept limiting beliefs. But why is this so important?

What my life has shown me is that when you believe in yourself, everything else in life becomes possible. As individuals we each have the unique power to change our lives and explore new directions, it’s just that we may not realise it right now. If I had never believed in myself and didn’t have a dream of what my life could be, nothing would have changed. It was the dream, and the mindset that came with it, that made everything else possible.

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

Why coach with me?

I know that when you’re deciding who to connect with you want to be able to get to know them and how they work. To show you what I have to offer, here’s a little more about me...
More about Tiba

I’m an entrepreneur

My working life and career have allowed me to enjoy a whole host of different experiences, with each one teaching me something different. The result is a big picture view of the world that I can use to show you new directions and ways of thinking.

As an accountant for more than 20 years I can help my clients find new ways to succeed. I am analytical and focus on important, fine details to guide my unique approach to coaching. The two work together and have allowed me to follow my life purpose of allowing others to achieve their inner peace.

I’m also a business owner, entrepreneur, and creative with a passion for fulfilling my true potential. It’s this drive that’s allowed me to never settle for second best in life, and it’s the same drive that I use to show you that there’s more to your life than you could ever have imagined too.

It’s about laying the foundations so that I never let you down, and it’s this commitment to your success that I know will make all the difference from the moment we connect.

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach
Discovery + Strategy + Action+ Expansion
These four principles work together to build lasting structures and are vital tools towards a healthy and happy path.


We’ll dig deep – focusing on your life and business, identifying what is blocking your path to success. By having a crystal-clear image of where you are now, we can pinpoint what is ahead for you, and the steps you’ll need to get there.


Your mind is the key to your success. Not by willing things to change, but by accepting obstacles and learning to work with the tools you have been given. Often, I see clients who have big dreams and genuinely believe they do not have the keys to make those dreams a reality.


No successful journey began without a map, and that’s what we’ll put together during our time. Once we know who you are, and how you think, creating a success strategy is the next step towards implementation.


Now that we have a strategy, it’s time to make it live! We’ll work together to create an achievable, step-by-step action plan. You’ll have tools in place to keep you accountable, and to renew your motivation when challenges arise, as they ultimately will.


Tiba helped me find myself and learn who I was in my business. I now understand what I should concentrate on and what is less important.

I have known Tiba for many years, she is my business coach for over two years- my adviser, mentor, accountant and also branding influencer for my business.

Tiba, I am very happy and grateful to have you on my journey and every step I take. I can describe you as a holy grail.

Thank you!




Tiba is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the business” and focus more on finding a way forward that would capitalise on my passions and strengths.
Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with.
She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to bring my business in line with my values and passions . Tiba is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach..



I’ve been working with Tiba for approximately six months now, and wow, what can I say?! It’s difficult to put into words exactly what this amazing lady has done for me.

2020 for many of us has been pretty horrific, and to add to that I was experiencing several personal issues which were certainly not a welcome addition. Not only has she worked with me on a deep and personal level, but she has also transformed my business mindset, setting goals and general wellbeing. Not only achieving them within three months, BUT smashing through them at 100mph ! And we’re still going!!

In what have been very unpredictable times in the property market, Tiba has almost trebled my turnover within three months. I could not believe it! With a fresh mindset, introducing improved systems, building a team, and freeing up my time to spend on income generating work – sounds a simple process, but well implemented and with much needed support and accountability.

I am so truly grateful for meeting Tiba through BNI, not only from a business level, but I have also made a true friend whose laugh and smile are infectious as her work ethic. Thank you so much Tiba

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

J. Ambrose

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