Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

About Tiba

My Story

I have lived and lead an extraordinary life.

I was born in Iraq and spent most of my childhood and teen years full of fear and uncertainty about what tomorrow would bring. Raised in a war and under a dictatorship, I fled the country and began a new chapter in my life in the UK.

I am a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I also have a degree in Accountancy & Business Studies. Combined, I have the education and background to help my clients with a range of problems they may be facing in their business or personal life.

Over the last 20 years, I have started and grown multiple businesses from manufacturing to business consultancy, property development, and worked in an executive capacity, as Head of Finance in a legal firm. I left the corporate world 3 years ago, as I was not truly acting in my calling, which is to serve others on their way to success and freedom. I wanted a more holistic life, beyond the commitments of a 9-5.

As I built my own companies, I helped other entrepreneurs and business owners find clarity, direction and give them the tools to grow. It was in those moments when I discovered my passion to help people turn big dreams into realities. Witnessing the life change in others as they reach success and happiness brings me such deep joy.

I love being a mother and it has proven the best adventure of my life as I look to encourage and support others in their own unique ways. I am blessed and proud to have raised two children and a dog. I love cooking and find it to be a meditative practice for me, combining new flavors and techniques. I love experiencing new adventures and the world in all its depth. Music, cycling and visiting the theatre are my other hobbies.

To see the difference it makes, all you have to do is be inspired by the words of others:

“Respect and trust yourself.” - Matthew McConaughey