Conscious and Unconcious Goals

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

When coaching my clients I help them to discover their conscious and unconscious goals.

Our conscious mind contains all of our thoughts, feelings, memories, feelings, and dreams of which we are completely aware of. Therefore our conscious goals are those we are aiming for, have noted down and are working towards consciously throughout our daily lives.

Our unconscious mind is where our thoughts, feelings, memories and impulses are found that we are unaware of. They sit outside of our conscious awareness. Often, we are working toward unconscious goals without awareness or understanding.

Our unconscious goals are driven by our beliefs and values; driving us to pursue and achieve goals we may not have any awareness of at all.

In a time where emphasis is put onto what goals we are hoping to achieve and why, it can be overwhelming to think of what we are aiming for.


Here are my top 4 tips for making realistic goals to focus on for 2021:

  1. List your goals.

Prepare a list of realistic and achievable goals.

  1. List the reasons behind each goals

Understanding why you are hoping to achieve these goals can help with motivation and recognising your unconscious drive based on your beliefs and values.

  1. Give yourself a deadline.

Put a time frame in place for each goal by putting an exact date that you would like to achieve the goal by, next to each target.

  1. Track your progress.

Revise your goals routinely, even every week if you can, and measure the achievement.


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