Expectations vs. Reality

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

Most people have set expectations in the back of their minds, believing that a particular outcome needs to occur to achieve the best results. However, not all these expectations are realistic or even attainable. In fact, people feel more pressured than ever to be perfect because of social media standards. I have chosen to write about expectations Vs Reality to end 2022, this subject was the highlight of my coaching practice for this year, working with my clients to build awareness about their expectations and create their reality.


Perfection Doesn’t Exist, But Why Are We Determined to Acquire It?

With such high expectations, people facing reality often experience a sense of disappointment, believing they’re not good enough or worthy enough because they don’t think they meet specific standards. The key to understanding why humans often want to achieve perfectionism is to get to the root cause of those expectations. Ask yourself, “Why do I have these expectations in the first place?” Where did your expectations come from, and who set them for you?

For some people, the desire to be perfect comes from having perfectionism instilled in them by their parents, grandparents, teachers, and others at a young age. As a result, they may feel like they must be an overachiever to get recognition, praise, or attention, which can quickly cause them to experience burnout or frustration when they don’t get something right. Even if it wasn’t your parents or grandparents who set high expectations that aren’t always easy to reach, you might aim for perfection because of social standards and what you see on social media platforms each day, such as Instagram and TikTok.


How to Break Out of the Bad Habit of Setting Unrealistic Expectations

When you’re in the habit of trying to reach unrealistic standards, the disparity between expectations and reality can cause feelings of frustration and disappointment. The best way to avoid this is to set expectations that align with your core values and the reality you want for yourself. In addition, you should focus on awareness and understand the purpose behind every expectation you set.

Putting a stop to unrealistic expectations doesn’t mean you’re no longer setting goals or working on becoming who you want to be. Instead, it means you’re no longer pressuring yourself to reach expectations that others have set, including those on social media who may present a particular persona to appear perfect to viewers, even though they’re not.

If you’re ready to break out of the bad habit of setting unrealistic expectations that lead to disappointment within yourself, start setting a few small goals that you can work on achieving little by little. As you get closer to reaching your goals, it can become a self-esteem booster that leaves you feeling confident enough to tackle any challenge. Along with setting goals that align better with your reality, focus less on what other people are doing. Whether you’re comparing educational backgrounds, general work experience, wealth, or appearances, constantly making comparisons will leave you yearning for more instead of being grateful for everything you’ve accomplished.

We’re all on this journey called life, and each of us has our own unique path to take. Rather than letting others get into your head and cause unrealistic expectations to develop, focus solely on doing what feels right to you. You’re the creator of your own reality – a reality you will enjoy much better when striving for happiness, not perfectionism.


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