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Coach, Trainer, Therapist & Writer

I am one of the UK’s leading business and career coach specialising in “Holistic Life Transformation and Empowerment.” I focus on helping clients align their lives with their core values, build resilience, and enhance confidence, while achieving a balanced and fulfilled life.

My approach is comprehensive, addressing various aspects of my clients’ lives to ensure a holistic transformation and personal growth.

Business Coaching

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Business Coaching

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Committed to helping you
uncover hidden opportunities

I help my clients in achieving remarkable advancements in their business, career, personal lives, and mindset by refining their personal and professional strategies, tools, and practices, resulting in significant, long-lasting impacts.

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners globally, including in-person clients in London and Surrey, to enhance, expand, and elevate all aspects of their lives, from mindset to building resilience, confidence, and business strategy.

Book Your Free Consultation I coach various areas business coaching and career coaching. The primary aim of coaching is to empower individuals to reach their full potential, overcome obstacles, and attain their desired outcomes.
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Business Coaching

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs to help them identify their strengths, talents, and opportunities for growth. I support the client in creating and implementing a strategic plan, improving business operations, increasing profitability, and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Career Coaching

I focus on helping individuals make informed decisions about their career paths, develop professionally, and achieve their career goals. I offer guidance and support, to clients seeking to navigate their careers effectively.

Welcome to Empowering Mindsets for Professional Success
I provide you with the tools, support, and insights necessary to transform your mindset and approach to work. My goal is to help you achieve lasting success, no matter your current professional situation or aspirations.

Tailored Coaching Programs to Unlock Your Full Potential
Our diverse range of coaching programs is designed to adapt our success methodologies to your unique needs and concerns. We offer personalised guidance for business owners, professionals, individuals seeking grow their business, a career change, or those in need of a fresh perspective on their career future.

Discover the Path to Success with Tiba’s coaching methodologies.
I cater to each client’s individual requirements, providing valuable resources and support throughout their professional journey. I am committed to helping you uncover hidden opportunities, overcome challenges, and confidently take charge of your life personally and professionally.

Find the Ideal Coaching Package for Your Unique Needs
No matter your current career situation or objectives, we have a coaching package tailored to your goals. Explore our diverse offerings and discover the perfect solution designed to support and guide you toward professional success.


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