A Guide on Crushing Your Goals with Adaptable Life Strategies

There has never been a manual on achieving your goals from experience working with my clients for the last five years, planning out strategies for the various areas of their life that significantly impact their overall personal achievement. These areas can be different for everyone as they change for each individual and their life season. For this blog, I will cover a few main areas. Now let’s start with the essential aspect of your life…  

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

Massive, life-changing goals can take a long time to achieve and often crushes your motivation to continue when you are still looking for the desired results. When it comes to your mental wellness, avoid overwhelming yourself with big goals but break the big goal into a small-mini goals. When you begin to achieve these mini goals, you will have a massive drive to push you to achieve more. When I started implementing meditation in my daily routine, I started with 2 minutes, and even these 2 minutes were too long for me then. Now I can meditate for half an hour or even more.  


Mapping your career progress is very important. Look at where you are now and where you want to be in 12 months. For example, while you are mapping your career, you find that you are missing a specific skill, so the next step you would take is the training to help you gain that skill. Whether it be a promotion, a raise, or even a career change, set small and MEASURABLE goals for yourself and keep an accurate record of your accomplishments.  


Reviewing the business plan every 12 months is the essence of business success. Get your management account, which gives you many indications of what’s happened in your business; numbers never lie. Be curious about each number and find the why behind each figure. For example, your turnover is less than the projection figure, which could be for many reasons. It could be a marketing issue or customer satisfaction. And then implement the solution.  


With the economy being harsh right now, many people are looking for a way to save money toward a specific goal of buying a house, saving for retirement, or just being able to pay their monthly bills and cover unexpected expenses. However, with many people struggling to make ends meet monthly, how can you achieve your financial goals? The answer – is a little bit at a time. Go through your monthly expenses and where your money goes every month. Find ways to make financial edits. That doesn’t mean you have to remove the things that bring you joy or treat yourself but finding ways to reduce over expenditures can help you reach your financial goals. Consider taking on some jobs, freelancing, or doing something you enjoy that can also bring income. Living the same way but adding in the extra income can multiply your efforts toward your financial goals. Since financial goals are long-term, and many lose patience with the lack of quick results, consider printing out your savings account balance every month and putting it on the fridge as a constant reminder of how far you’ve come.  

The Four Tips

Here are my top 4 tips for making realistic goals to focus on for 2023:
  1. List your goals

Prepare a list of simple and achievable goals.
  1. List the reasons behind each plan.

Understanding why you are hoping to achieve these goals can help with motivation and recognising your unconscious drive based on your beliefs and values.
  1. Give yourself a deadline.

Put a time frame in place for each goal by putting an exact date that you would like to achieve the goal next to each target.
  1. Track your progress

Revise your goals routinely, even every week if you can, and measure the achievement. Goal setting to live the life you’ve dreamed of can be hard work and requires constant attention, but by having the right strategies and putting in the effort, you will reach every goal! Do not forget to enjoy the journey, and that’s what matters! Contact me to start your journey, or register your interest for my goal setting workshop here.