Is your business ready to grow?

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

The idea of growing your business is exciting! Growth of your business means increasing the number of products or services, customers/clients or sales of your company. Alternatively, it could mean a move to a larger office or shop. By growing your business you are allowing your company to have a larger client base, therefore leading to more profit.

Before making changes and expanding your business, you need to ensure you and your business are ready. Here are some ways to check your business is ready to grow:-

Influential and inspirational women

Tiba Al Khalidy Business Coach

March is a month that celebrates women; from Mother’s Day to International Women’s Day, and Spring added in, this maternal month showcases women in all their glory.
Having been a single mother, and independently owned numerous businesses, I am a big ambassador of female empowerment and celebrating the strength that women have.
The pandemic has unfortunately brought to light many existing gender inequalities, with a predominant difference in the way differing industries have been impacted by the pandemic, the responsibility for homeschooling / childcare, and more.