The Importance of Kindness

During the initial lockdown it was so lovely to see so many acts of kindness in the UK; a vast change to the world we now find ourselves in.

And yet solidarity still binds us all.

I live in a small town, and since the crisis of Covid-19 people I found that people were becoming more patient, calm and smiling. The power of a human smile is something that I had never quite considered before.

Tiba Al-Khalidy

A  smile is a wave of energy that joins us to other humans. Despite all the struggles being faced around the world right now, there still remains an authenticity about the smiles that we share.  I really wish that what we have gained through the lockdown we do not now forget; and allow ourselves to remember the kindness that was so apparent; and to bring such values and behaviours into the world post Covid-19.    

As we all consider for the right ways to show kindness to our colleagues, fellow business owners and keyworkers during the pandemic; it’s important to consider where kindness to others begins.

Are we being kind to ourselves?

In a world full of chaos right now it is so important to show ourselves the kindness we so readily save for others.

It is often that the greatest acts of kindness come from someone who feels well and rejuvenated within themselves. By looking after ourselves initially we are in a better position to give to others.

So how can we be kind to ourselves amid a pandemic?

Firstly, I show myself kindness by encouraging myself to be better and believing that I can be. Recently I started a 10k steps a day challenge to better my health, mindset and to allow myself an outlet after busy days at work. But 10,000 steps a day! I wasn’t sure I could do it at first, but I could and do it daily now. I really encourage everyone to believe in themselves; it’s such confidence boost. The more I believe in my growth and potential, the more I can develop services that support others in their growth and reaching their potential too. The more you build yourself up, the higher you are to help others come up with you.

And this leads on to another way you can show yourself kindness; by allowing yourself time, rest and understanding. Some things are just not possible. Had I chosen not to do the 10k steps a day, it’s important that I didn’t treat this as a failure and showed myself the same understanding and compassion that I would if someone else had said the same. By saving yourself time in each day to reflect and showing yourself kindness when things don’t go exactly as planned, you become a more empathetic person and more able to help and support others. Every day I take time to appreciate my wins and not dwell on anything other than what I have achieved in that day. Acts of gratitude and self- celebration are important for a positive mindset and to enable you to be positive around others; spreading the kindness through being kind to yourself.

Lastly, I make sure that I do things that I enjoy. Be it ensuring I have a client base that I enjoy working with; to filling my time with positive and meaningful activities and people. When you have things to look forward to personally and professionally; it spurs on your motivation overall and enables you to show kindness to others by motivating them.

I would love to know how you demonstrate acts of kindness to yourself.

Do you celebrate your wins?

Do you save time for yourself and the things you enjoy doing? Let me know in the comments.